Kendrick Lamar Shares A Hilarious New Video For "For Free? (Interlude)"

Kendrick Lamar For Free Video Large

You'd think we'd know to expect nothing but the unexpected from Kendrick Lamar, but here we are once again, reeling in complete surprise. The MC has released the new official video for "For Free? (Interlude)," the jazzy To Pimp A Butterfly Track that features one of album's most iconic lines. You know the one.

The video is set in a sprawling, luxurious mansion and depicts the on-mic exchange between a needy lover and Kendrick himself. After making what has to be the most hilarious and wild on-screen entrances in a rap video this year, Lamar follows his lady all around the house, making a case for proper compensation for services rendered. Those well-versed in the narrative(s) of To Pimp A Butterfly will be pleased to see him inhabiting an Uncle Sam outfit, gesturing at one of the numerous characters that make up his brilliant LP.

Some may be shocked to see such a light-hearted and colorful video from Lamar, given the monochrome gravitas of his "Alright" clip, which was a downright filmic commentary on police brutality, racial strife and violence in hip-hop. But after giving it a bit of thought, it becomes pretty obvious that this is what To Pimp A Butterfly is all about--gorgeous contradictions all at work within the same artistic triumph. Watch the video below and get ready to to be amazed.