Kaytranada Has His Way With Tensnake's "Feel Of Love"
Kaytranada Has His Way With Tensnake's "Feel Of Love"

Kaytranada Flips J Dilla For A Silky-Smooth "Return Of The Mac" Blend

Dilla Kaytranada Mark Morrison Collage

And it gets no smoother. Kaytranada has a knack for reworking tracks into even funkier, more tasteful versions of themselves, and on his latest creation he's done it again, pairing a dusty J Dilla beat with the iconic vocals of Mark Morrison's "Return of the Mac." He had this to say about the track as he uploaded it to his personal Soundcloud:

"i did that sh*t live in the bbc mix and i thought id share it with yall

beat by J Dilla from one of his beattapes

and vocals by Mark Morrison obiviously.


That BBC mix mentioned was Kaytranada's most-recent (and, it turns out, final) residency show for Radio 1, and while the entire set is great, it's a blessing that we're now able to enjoy some J Dilla-fied "Return of the Mack" in its standalone version. The lazy rhodes chords, slunk guitar and roving bass so emblematic of Dilla's work sounds absolutely perfect over Morrison's vocals, giving the entire song a much more relaxed and patient character. It's like we all travelled back to 1996 and brought our MPCs out for a day at the beach. Listen to Kaytranada's flip below and stay tuned for new work coming soon from the French-Canadian master of modern beatwork.