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Hear The Unreleased Kanye West Song “Fade” In Its Entirety

Hear The Unreleased Kanye West Song “Fade” In Its Entirety

Hear The Full Version Of Kanye West's New Song "Fade"

Hear The Full Version Of Kanye West Fade mp3

When it comes to Team Kanye West, there may not be a more visible component than one Virgil Abloh; a designer, part-time DJ and full-time creative director for Ye’s countless musical and non-musical endeavors. Abloh, however, is not one we tend to hear from with any level frequency, unless, of course, he’s got a new line to show off. But as we’ve already mentioned, Abloh fancies himself a DJ, recently spinning a set at London’s XOYO where Ye’s right-hand-man treated attendees to some unheard heat from the boss man. Specifically, a full version of the “Fade” Kanye West unreleased track, which has only been teased in the unveiling of West’s Yeezy Season 2 clothing line. So technically, only those in attendance (or those that caught the clip from the line’s premiere) know of the track’s existence, but now you can hear the club-ready sonic for yourself (or as long as the Louis Vuitton Don allows) in surprisingly pristine quality in the video down below. Watch as Virgil Abloh spins a version of the “Fade” Kanye West track and keep your ear to the ground for murmurs on the much-anticipated SWISH LP, where ever it may be, whenever it may arrive.


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