Jay Pharoah – “Problems” [Official Video]

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SNL's Jay Pharoah Follows The Successful Footage For The "I Am A Dog" Kanye Parody With The Official Video For Problems Directed By Chioke Nassor.

SNL standout Jay Pharoah follows the success of his Kanye West parody “I Am A Dog” with the official video for “Problems” directed by Chioke Nassor for Above Average – the web comedy channel that counts Pharoah as a partner. The video is the latest news from Pharoah, who recently sat for an interview with The Champs and reprised his role as Jay Z for a Saturday Night Live sketch tackling the widely publicized elevator spat between Hov and Solange Knowles. While this clip finds Pharoah without his extremely endearing dog ears, he makes up for it with an assortment of video chics, a mustard yellow sports car and an auto-tune break that might just make T-Pain weep with pride. The footage is peppered with a few emotional breakdowns, which merely serve as the icing on this thugnificent morsel of comedic gold. Check the footage below to watch the official video for “Problems.” Stay tuned for more from Jay Pharoah.

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