Hebru Brantley's Animates Yasiin Bey's "Revelations"

Hebru Brantley Provides Yasiin Bey's "Revelations" w/ A Lively Animated Visual

Hebru Brantley Provides Yasiin Bey's "Revelations" w/ An Animated Visual

Perhaps some you are aware of artist Hebru Brantley and his weird and wild world of animation. Well, prepare for a quick lesson, as the Chicago-based artist has unveiled a lively and, well, pretty damn dope animated adaptation of Yasiin Bey‘s The Ecstatic gem “Revelations” for his latest soiree in the field of cartoon craziness. The visual follows the adventures of Brantley’s hallmark Flyboy character as he encounters a mortal foe en route to nabbing the girl of his dreams, taking on a very Dr. Robotnik-esque (that’s for you Sonic fans out there) type of villain. But whether our hero gets the girl or perils at the hands of the machine man is yet to be seen. You’ll just have to tune in to find out. It’s a short one, criminally so, but we think you’ll get a kick out of it. And with Black Dante on the score, it’s a must-see and hear type of joint. So take a trip through Hebru Brantley’s wild world of animation in his adaptation of Yasiin Bey’s “Revelations” below and hit the link to check out some more of his work when you’ve got the time to gawk at all of the greatness.

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