Four tet soundcloud mil follows feat
Four tet soundcloud mil follows feat

Four Tet Celebrates 1-Mil Milestone w/ New Music

Four Tet Celebrates One Million Follower SoundCloud Milestone With New Music.

Four Tet aka Kieran Hebdan celebrates one million followers on SoundCloud with the release of a techno house track with an impossibly long name:


"TIBPOR+SSNT2DBSIOIS2BUFO+AN" comes packaged with whimsical, emoji-heavy cover art created by Hebdan in Snapchat. A small coup for the UK producer, the song was reportedly allowed its massive title after initial reservations from SoundCloud regarding the length. Click below to listen to "TIBPOR+SSNT2DBSIOIS2BUFO+AN."

Download via SoundCloud. Keep an eye on Four Tet's social media accounts for more.

Spotted at NME.