Explore Dam-Funk's Legendary Record Collection

Dive Deep Into Dam-Funk's Crates And Explore His Legendary Record Collection

Explore Dam-Funk's Absolutely Legendary Record Collection

In our neck of the woods, Dam-Funk‘s record collection is a national treasure, on par with the Statue Of Liberty or the Golden Gate Bridge. But even with all he’s shown us in his live sets or gushed over through the perfectly-curated jukeboxes that are his social media accounts, we’ve yet to really experience just how deep Dam’s funk goes. Luckily for you and I and the rest of the lovers of glitzy and glamorous boogie blessings, Boiler Room has got us covered. They stepped into his home and dove deep into the acetates with Dam as their guide and have resurfaced with an 80-minute video of Dam playing his favorite cuts. Perhaps a bit of suggested listening for his forthcoming Invite The Light LP? Whatever it is, whether you’ve been a fan since his potent podcasting days or a relatively new recruit in Uncle Dam’s Army, you already know just how legendary of a haul this man’s record collection is. And now you can see and hear it all firsthand. Watch as Dam-Funk takes us into the heart of his wax-clad vault in the video below and preorder his forthcoming record in iTunes today.

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