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A$AP Rocky x Skrillex – “Wild For The Night” [Official Video]

A$AP Rocky x Skrillex – “Wild For The Night” [Official Video]

A$AP Rocky Skrillex Wild For The Night Video

“Wild For The Night,” the video for A$AP Rocky‘s party cut with Skrillex has officially premiered, and it fits the rap music video formula by almost every standard – we’re thinking rappers must just use their insane video budgets to take lavish vacations and edit together the more TV-appropriate activities. The concept is a little lacking in originality, but the beautiful cinematography and amazing floral jacket combinations of Rocky and A$AP Yams (Rocky is definitely pulling it more convincingly–cover those yams, asap!) make the visuals a worthy complement to an already dope song (one of the best on Long.Live.A$APpurchase on iTunes here), even if the spacious dubby echo of certain moments on the riddim track is the only thing connecting the visuals to the song with a (very) slender Afro-Caribbean thread. On the other hand if we had a few million to spend on a video about partying, we would probably also utilize it on having the Dominican Republic as our playground too, so there isn’t really much to dislike here. Check out “Wild For The Night” below.


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