DJ Quik Talks G-Funk & More On Bullseye w/ Jesse Thorn

West Coast Pioneer DJ Quik Talks Death Row, G-Funk & More On 'Bullseye With Jesse Thorn'

West Coast Legend DJ Quik Breaks Down G-Funk & Talks Death Row On 'The Bullseye with Jesse Thorn.'

DJ Quik takes the hot seat in the latest edition of Bullseye with Jesse Thorn to discuss his time as an in-house producer for Death Row Records and his role in helping to pioneer the classic G-Funk sound. Quik begins with his success as a 19 year-old armed with little more than an SP-1200 and “tunnel vision” before jumping into the early years of gangster rap, describing what it was like to be around as a studio rat at the beginning of that movement. He expresses nostalgia for that era and the sudden wealth that flooded the scene but also laments the violence that simultaneously plagued the streets; Quik talks about being surprised to encounter gang bangers on the road outside of L.A. and the unpredictable times that his gang affiliations encouraged. Jesse Thorn runs through tracks with Quik, who recounts the memories they conjure. Quik also discusses the myriad of hairstyles he has rocked over the years. Check the track below to listen to the full interview with DJ Quik. Stay tuned for more from Bullseye with Jesse Thorn.

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