Dirty Projectors cover Usher's song Climax live on Like A Version

Dirty Projectors x Usher - "Climax" Live On Australian Radio

Dirty Projectors cover Usher Climax live

Damn this is kind of crazy–our favorite revolutionary indie rock harmony quartet Dirty Projectors singing¬†Usher‘s “Climax” live on Australian radio for the Triple J series called ‘Like A Version’. Fux with Dirty Projectors, fux heavily with this song and triple-fuxxx with artists stepping out of their comfort zone on an ill cover–something that has definitely been fostered by the rise of the internet (in fact, if i ever get a second to scratch my ass I might have to do a Top 10 of covers in this vein. Note to self.) “Climax” of course is produced by¬†Diplo who has also collabed with Amber and Dave of the Dirty Projectors on the Major Lazer song “Get Free,” which made our Top 12 Videos of 2012 (which is to say Top 12 songs that also had a dope video). Watch that and then definitely watch the in-studio below:

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