Watch A Dev Hynes-Scored Doc On NYC's Ferguson Protests [Video]

Dev Hynes Provides A Score For Short Doc On NYC's Ferguson Protests

by zo
December 04, 2014 5:46 PM

Dev Hynes Scores Short Doc On NYC's Ferguson Protests

Last week’s verdict in Ferguson brought out some of the industry’s most outspoken advocates of police reform. Some took to the streets to voice their anger and pain, while others made their frustrations heard on social media like pop-music’s great redeemer Dev Hynes.¬†Long an outspoken activist in the struggle against police brutality against black youths (and once a victim himself,) Hynes recently provided a score to a short documentary that chronicled the eruption of NYC’s streets in the aftermath of the verdict, which played out all over the country and abroad.

The score–recorded live as a piano improvisation at the Brooklyn Academy Of Music–perfectly incapsulates the tone of the marches that have taken over the city this past week with lilts of ivory that morph from a swirl into a highly focused and aggressive¬†sort of treatment. Those that were in attendance for our 15th anniversary Summerstage event back in August, might remember some choice words he had for authorities following his own assault at Lollapalooza a few weeks prior, but this is certainly a more graceful statement, even with the angry chanting behind the score. Prepare yourself to be moved. Watch the Dev Hynes-scored documentary below.

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