David Blaine Spits Up Live Frogs, Freaks Out Drake, Dave Chappelle

David Blaine Spits Up Live Frogs, Freaks Out Drake, Dave Chappelle

David Blaine Spits Up Live Frogs, Freaks Out Drake, Dave Chappelle

Last night David Blaine premiered his ABC television special David Blaine: Beyond Magic.

During the event he proceeded to perform a number of tricks that freaked out plenty of celebrities. The most amusing? Arguably his illusion with Drake, Dave Chappelle and Steph Curry, where the three (along with several other spectators) witness Blaine spit up three live frogs into wine glasses filled with water.

Blaine first asks Chappelle to draw a creature that can fit in Drake’s hand. After making a Meek Mill joke Chappelle picks a frog, which then leads to this hilarious interaction with everyone in the room.

When the first frog is passed around to Drake, the rapper hesitantly accepts the glass. The same goes for Chappelle when he takes the second glass. By the third one everyone is just anxiously awaiting Blaine to spit up, amazed that three frogs have been inside of him this entire time.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Beyond Magic took two years to create, with the 43 year old illusionist performing a number of new tricks, as well as some classics from his Street Magic days. Along with Drake, Chappelle and Curry, other guests included: Emma Stone, David BeckhamArnold Schwarzenegger, Johnny Depp, Margot Robbie and Jennifer Lawrence.

Aside from the frog trick, another notable one performed during the special was Blaine catching a bullet in his mouth. The illusionist had originally done this back in 2009, when Blaine caught a bullet fired by a friend. However, this time he repeated the trick with a .22 caliber rifle, and captured the bullet in a mouthguard he was wearing.

He escaped with only a minor laceration in his mouth.

Needless to say, Blaine will never cease to impress people across the country (and world) with his incredible tricks. Remember when Kanye West pulled an ice pick from Blaine’s hand? Exactly.

Check out the interaction between Blaine, Drake, Chappelle and Curry below.

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