Watch D'Angelo Cover Funkadelic's "Red Hot Mama" Live

Watch D'Angelo Bring The Fire To Funkadelic's "Red Hot Mama" Live In Melbourne

D'Angelo & The Vanguard

D’Angelo & The Vanguard Live @ Sydney Opera House 3/21/16. Shot by Averie Cole (averiecole.com).

Over the last few weeks, D’Angelo has been bringing the funk to Australia and Japan in ways the states can only dream of in 2016. Last week, we caught a loose transmission from the Sydney Opera House, highlighting the fully-synthesized Roberta Flack cover, “Feel Like Making Love,” putting the whole world under his spell in just a few criminally-short moments.

With that, those that missed their shot to catch D’s legendary funk revue in full-effect while it was on US soil were provided a brief moment of solace, catching a whiff of just what the Black Messiah had been working with in The Vanguard’s current globetrotting phase. Today, the internets bless us with yet another lens into his sonic cauldron, finding the D and the gang putting in work with Funkadelic‘s barn-burning heater, “Red Hot Mama” (off 1974’s Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On); a new addition to The Vanguard’s mile-long list of skin-tight covers. D squalls and screams as the crowd attempts to match the band’s explosive emissions; another highly-potent hit of D’s live game. You can catch D’Angelo getting it in with the games, dames and guitar strings in the clip down below.

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