Watch Curren$y's Double Feature For "Enter" x "Kilo Jam" - Okayplayer

Watch Curren$y's Double Feature For "Enter" x "Kilo Jam"


Last week, Curren$y dropped the latest in his monthly mixtape series with The Legend of Harvard Blue. This evening the 8-track release gets its’ first set of visuals. Curren$y keeps it efficient giving us a double-feature with the tape’s intro track (“Enter”) and closing track (“Kilo Jam”) both packaged into one. The video features the two smooth cuts mixed in with scenes of Curren$y droppin’ knowledge (don’t be a dick who kicks puppies), cruisin’ in his candy-painted Chevy Impala, and scenes from the 1975 film that inspired the tape, Truck Turner, cut in as well. Video directed by Understream. The Legend of Harvard Blue is out now.

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