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Video: The Coup – “Land Of Seven Billion Dances” + Tour Bus Mission

Video: The Coup – “Land Of Seven Billion Dances” + Tour Bus Mission

The Coup - "Land Of Seven Billions Dances" (video still)

The Coup just released the next video from their don’t-call-it-a-comeback LP Sorry To Bother You (October 30th on Anti-Records) The song is called “Land Of Seven Billion Dances” and the vid does its level best to illustrate that concept, with a grip of dancers and crews demonstrating the style known as turfin’–plus some juke and classic b-boy steps (I don’t see anybody doing the jit though, a little disappointing to me, personally, cause ain’t Boots originally from Detroit??). It also nicely illustrates The Coup’s new sound, a raw amalgam of rap, soul & grimy rock that has lost none of the urgency of their early sh*t but is also propelled by a kind of crazy take-on-the-world joy that was probably there on “Dig It” but buried under the sonic layers of screams and police ‘copters. Watch:

Meanwhile back at the compound, The Coup are also in the market for a tour bus to bring their musical creations to a town near you, and being the collectivists they are, they are taking their cause to kickstarter–which is to say to you. Watch the kickstarter vid after the jump and donate here (hint: there may be some vinyl copies of the new LP in it for you).

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