Chop Up Robert Glasper & Bilal's "Ghetto Walkin'" w/ This In-Browser Sequencer

Chop Up Robert Glasper & Bilal's "Ghetto Walkin'" w/ This In-Browser Sequencer

by zo
October 04, 2016 10:47 AM

Herbie Hancock, Robert Glasper Pulls Out All The Funky Stops at Prospect Park Bandshell

On his Miles Davis tribute album Everything’s Beautiful, Robert Glasper sidestepped the old standards-playing jazz trope for a clinic in sample-based subtleties. The result: a tributary that places Davis’ grunts and moans and whispers right between the grooves as if the jazz giant himself were overseeing the sessions with his hallmark smirk and ‘tude.

Now Glasper’s opening up his sampling methods to the world in a new interactive clinic that lets you chop and sequence that album’s lead-off slow-burner “Ghetto Walkin’,” with some guidelines provided by the pianist himself. You can toy with the whole composition; pull out the drums, highlight the keys, isolate Bilal’s hook and basically make your very own arrangement of the track right in your browser. All you have to do is hit the link below and get to chopping.

Everything’s Beautiful marks the first of two Glasper-helmed projects, preceding his Trio album ArtScience, which arrived just a few weeks back with a whole new bag of tricks. You can grab that on iTunes today, just be sure to catch Robert Glasper on the road this fall as he tours his new project stateside and abroad.

>>>Chop up Robert Glasper & Bilal’s “Ghetto Walkin'” (via Polygraph) 

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