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Charges Filed After R. Kelly's Girlfriends Get into Fight at Singer's Trump Towers Apartment

The altercation between R. Kelly's two live-in girlfriends was caught on Instagram Live.

R. Kelly's girlfriend Joycelyn Savage, 24, surrendered to Chicago PD on misdemeanor battery charges on Wednesday night. This came after Savage got into a physical altercation with Azriel Clary, 22, R. Kelly's other live-in girlfriend at his Trump Tower condo. 

 Clips of the altercation started circulating around social media after the altercation was captured on Instagram live by Clary. It seems that Clary was in the process of moving her stuff out of the apartment when Savage confronted her and the two began to have a verbal confrontation. 

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At one point, Clary tells Savage "you were having sex with me as a minor," before Savage seems to physically attack her. At one point, two other people enter the room, and Clary continued to stream live, saying Savage was going to jail, alleging again that she slept with her as a minor. "The skeletons is coming out. Period," Clary said. "You know what? [R. Kelly] has been lying to all of y’all, and that’s the sad part about it...He been lying to all...And he had people like me lying for him."

She also said she plans on leaving the disgraced singer, saying "I'm leaving...it doesn't matter. Most likely in about a day or two."

In Lifetime's Surviving R. Kelly — the devastating documentary series, which detailed his long history of alleged predatory behavior — many women gave testimony to the fact that Kelly participated in threesomes with underage girls. This fight comes just days after the third installment of Surviving R. Kelly, Part II. At one point in the documentary, Jerhonda Pace, who had a relationship with R. Kelly when she was 16, encouraged Clary and Savage to leave him.

Chicago police responded to a call of battery at 2 pm CST. Clary was treated as "the victim" and taken to Northwestern Hospital in good condition.

In a press release Chicago police said:

The female victim and the 24-year-old offender were engaged in a physical altercation until separated by unknown individuals at the scene.

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Kelly is currently in federal custody awaiting trial on numerious state and federal charges that range from child pornography to sexual assault to obstruction of justice. If convicted, he could spend the rest of his life in prison. He continues to maintain his innocence. 

Wednesday, January 8th was also R. Kelly's birthday. He turned 53. 

Source: USA Today