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Photo Credit: Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for Damon Dash Studios

Dame Dash on Aaliyah Post-R. Kelly Split: "She Was Just Happy to Be Away"

Gettyimages 1134781775 594x594 Photo Credit: Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for Damon Dash Studios

In a clip from the upcoming Surviving R. Kelly Part II, Dash revealed the late singer's attitude towards Kelly.

The second chapter of Surviving R. Kelly hit the airwaves on Jan 2nd on the Lifetime network. Surviving R. Kelly Part II featured an appearance from former Roc-A-Fella Records boss Dame Dash — who dated Aaliyah after she split from Kelly. Dash says Aaliyah did not wish any harm to Kelly but wanted to cut all ties.

"Good soul, good girl," Dash continued, "[she] wasn't even really so resentful--like, 'let that man live but keep him the fuck away from me.' That's all she wanted, she was just happy to be away."

Dash continued, candidly speaking about Kelly and Aaliyah's alleged marriage. "I know the whole story," he said, "I know it was the cover-up, but how does that cover it up? It just made the conversation less crazy, like oh he married a child."

Vibe Magazine published a marriage certificate that listed the couple as married in August 1994. On the certificate, Aaliyah is listed as 18, though she was in fact 15 years old at the time. Her parents annulled the marriage in February 1995. Kelly's former tour manager Demetrius Smith told TMZ he regretfully helped facilitate the wedding by obtaining a fake ID for Aaliyah.

"If, like, people protected Aaliyah," Dash said, "so many other girls wouldn't have got touched...You know, you shouldn't have to always learn from pain. Sometimes you can learn from other people. Like, Aaliyah was like the sacrificial lamb for all that, 'cause she didn't deserve none of that."

Dash believes Kelly married another famous musician to quell rumors about his misconduct. Aaliyah's celebrity status somehow normalized the marriage in the eyes of the public. "That was a headline, that was like, a rumor. That was something talked about like it was normal," he said. "It wasn't like, 'ew, disgusting, you married a 13-year old.' It was like, 'Oh you married Aaliyah?"

Dame Dash met Aaliyah in the summer of 2000, six years after the marriage. The two dated until her tragic death in August 2001.