Broken Bells - "It's That Talk Again"

Broken Bells (James Mercer & Danger Mouse) Return w/ Glitzy New Cut "It's That Talk Again"

by zo
September 24, 2015 6:08 PM

Broken Bells (Damon Albarn & Danger Mouse) Return w/ Glitzy New Cut "It's That Talk Again"

Well, damn. It’s been a minute since we’ve seen or heard anything by way of James Mercer and the mighty Danger Mouse‘s Broken Bells collaboration. Understandably so, as the reclusive producer has had hands hands filled with a vast array of other projects, starting his own labelworking on a concept album with A$AP Rocky and apparently putting in work on Adele‘s highly-anticipated forthcoming record. But with the concert film Broken Bells: Live At The Orpheum dropping this weekend via Palladia, it appears that the duo has found some time to either record a new joint or dig something up from the vault, as the glitzy, disco-leaning cut “It’s That Talk Again” has surfaced, rekindling the magic of their two LPs with a dose of Mercer’s delicate crooning slathered over a deceptively funky production from DM anchored by a bubbling bass-line, buzzing synthesizers and a four-to-the-floor feel that should have you on the good-foot in no time at all. There’s no telling whether we can ever expect another true-blue Broken Bells piece, but this’ll certainly have you hoping. Hear Broken Bells’ glitzy new cut “It’s That Talk Again” below and peep your local cable schedules for the air time of the new film.

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