Bishop Nehru x MF DOOM Talk New LP ‘Nehruvian DOOM’

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Bishop Nehru and MF DOOM discuss their new LP 'Nehrubian DOOM'

Young gun Bishop Nehru is teaming up with the living mythology of MF DOOM to put out the collaborative LP Nehruvian DOOM.  The tandem took time to discuss the project with XXL in a piece entitled Beyond The Mask, where –with mask intact–the two postured, praising each other’s ability and work ethic, with Bishop maintaining absolute poise while talking to DOOM’s greatness as a producer. You can peep the living legend and Nehru waxing on the weight of the project and what they admire in one another below. We’ll have more on Nehruvian DOOM as the story unfolds, so keep your ear to the ground.

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