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Bill Murray & The Wu-Tang Clan Will Finally Pull Off Their Heist…In A Broadway Musical

Bill Murray & The Wu-Tang Clan Will Finally Pull Off Their Heist…In A Broadway Musical


Just when you’d thought that the infamously-bat-shit-crazy Martin Shkreli saga of The Wu-Tang Clan had finally run its course, Broadway comes a knocking. According to FACT, that insanely-entertaining visualization of what would have been Wu-Tang’s Bill Murray-assisted heist of their 1-of-1 Once Upon A Time In Shaolin — had only the sales clause not been hoax — has inspired some theatrical minds to adapt the stranger-than-fiction narrative to a full-fledged velvet-curtain musical.

At the helm, writers Lauren Gundrum and Joel Esher, who have launched an IndieGoGo campaign to help bring this thing to life with hopes of debuting the show at this summer’s New York International Theatre Festival. Auditions are underway, seeking able bodied and minded folks to take on the rolls of the entire Wu-Tang Clan, Murray and shit-bag Shkreli. What’s more, for the amount of just $2 million — precisely the amount that Shkreli paid just to keep us all from listening to the album in question — you can own the rights to the production and do whatever you see fit. Let’s hope that word gets to the actual Wu-Tang Clan so that they can put up the stacks to get this thing off the ground.

Shit, they could beat Shkreli at his own game if it picks up (and even give Hamilton some competition at the box office.) Peep the campaign trailer down below.

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