Watch: Bill Murray Steal Back The Wu-Tang Clan's Album!

Watch: Bill Murray Steal Back The Wu-Tang Clan's Album In This Animated Short


Happy holidays to you all and to you all a great Christmas!

One person not having a festive season is the most hated man on the planet, Martin Shkreli. If you haven’t heard about this louse, please pay attention!

Shkreli, 32, is the CEO of the biotechnology firm Retrophin that has caused controversy for raising the price for the HIV-drug Daraprim and risking death and destruction to those who desperately need this life-saving anti-parasitic drug.

In a strange and interesting turn of event, Shkreli also caused a stir in the world of hip-hop after he spent $2 million in purchasing The Wu-Tang Clan‘s Once Upon a Time in Shaolin album. The one-of-a-kind effort by Shaolin’s finest was being presented as a museum piece, but as soon as the project was shown on Martin Shkreli’s cam-chat screen — karma was devising a plan to make sure freedom reigned everywhere around music-lovers.

We say karma, as in the form of the FBI who quickly seized Martin Shkreli under the alleged charges of security fraud. It was that opening that enabled people to muse hilarious schemes to get back the Wu-Tang Clan’s cherished property. One idea, which has since been turned into an animated short for your viewing, found celebrated actor Bill Murray linking up with his Coffee and Cigarettes co-horts in a fictionalized heist where they steal back the album.

The video was put together by ProbCause, who has worked in the past with Action Bronson and Chance The Rapper. In it, the clip is hilarious, spotlighting just how this gang of goons and goofs combine their forces to get back the Once Upon a Time in Shaolin album. As these short clips of music and moments were interpolated into the video, one of the most epic moments come when the M-E-T-H-O-D Man ties up Shkreli and keeps feeding him and feeding him and feeding him and feeding him and feeding him.

We won’t spoil the ending, but we do hope that this is not the end of this tale. Folks on Twitter have already saluted the idea and felt that the complete version of this project warrants a movie starring the former Ghostbuster and the livest group in all of hip-hop. With a 70-page script living somewhere on the internets, there is an opportunity to make music lovers’ dreams come true. Please, if you’re reading this, keep this momentum alive heading into the new year!

Watch the clip below and pitch some ideas as to who could play Martin Shkreli in a live-action heist film!

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