NOLA Vogue: Big Freedia To Preside Over Bounce x Vogue Dance Clash 5/2 At NOLA Jazz Fest [cur. 1MSQFT x New Orleans Airlift]

Eddie "STATS" Imported from Detroit.

NOLA Bounce Queen Big Freedia will preside over a NOLA Vogue dance off curated by 1MSQFT x New Orleans Airlift

Okayplayer is extremely hyped to break the news that our beloved Big Freedia and sissy bounce OG Katey Red will be presiding over a unique celebration of underground dance next Friday, May 2nd during New Orleans Jazz Fest. New Orleans Airlift will curate an event something like a modern day version of a 19th-century ball with the courts of New York Vogue and NOLA Bounce Upstairs At The Wax Museum, joining forces with the One Million Square Feet of Culture Project or 1MSQFT for short (you may perhaps recognize those numbers and letters from Solange Knowles‘ Saint Heron showcase for NYFW…but if you’re not up on the 1MSQFT phenomenon, get familiar: basically the computer geniuses at Windows have embarked on a campaign/quest to roll out the titular one million Square feet of culture; expect them to be waving some culture in your direction soon if they haven’t already rolled through).

This NOLA Vogue danceclash-cotillion-happening will contribute precisely  4,553 of culture in and of itself, officially bringing the total count of culture-feet up to 28,318. As New Yorkers, OKP can testify firsthand that King Jack Mizrahi and royal entourage from the Empire State will be giving face and taking names. Katey Red (if you’re not familiar with the Queen Katey Resumé, suffice it to say Big Freedia started out as one of her backup dancers, ca. 1998); Sissy Nobby and the rest of team NOLA (extra beacoups respects go out to Rusty Lazer, the bounce impresario who brought this whole thing together) will clearly have the home court advantage and have been known to get free and express themselves like it’s FEMA Fridays at Caesar’s. Let’s meet the gladiateurs:

In the Bounce Court:
Queen Katey Red
Sissy Nobby
Rusty Lazer
DJ Lil’ Man
Ro, Tori, K Gunna and Ra Ra

In The Vogue Court:
King Jack Mizrahi
Leiomy Prodigy
DJ MikeQ
Kevin Jz Prodigy
Kassandra Ebony
Nunney Karma

The dancers will be judged–of course–by Big Freedia herself. What will unfold is anybody’s guess but whichever set you rep–or if you’re just an impartial observer of underground dance ferocity–this promises to be a dance off for the ages. And one more thing is for certain. Best believe Okayplayer will be there to immortalize the moment in words and images. Hell, all the beasts of the southern wild couldn’t keep us away. Scroll down for full event details and join us in getting in the proper mood of joyful abandon by bumping Big Freedia’s brand new single “Explode” at get-dumb levels for the next 7 days.

NOLA Bounce Queen Big Freedia will preside over a NOLA Vogue dance off curated by 1MSQFT x New Orleans Airlift

1MSQFT x New Orleans Airlift
Upstairs At The Wax Museum
917 Conti St
New Orleans
Friday May 2 at 8pm

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