Moses Sumney's NYC Debut With Kelela & Solange At Saint Heron's NYFW Party

Saint Heron's NYFW collaboration with Microsoft's 1Msqft project was a good ol' fashioned debutante ball for music nerds. Moses Sumney, who for months has been the goldenboy of the L.A. grapevine, was slated to introduce himself to New York City, joined by fellow Top Artist to Watch in 2014, Kelela. Up until now our admiration for Moses Sumney has been a long-distance affair but on this night, New York had its first ever opportunity to witness in person the mythical talents of the one man electofolk-soul band.

And at last the clock struck ten and out came Saint Heron foremother Solange to introduce her overly chatty partygoers to a man deserving of total silence. With the superhuman stature of a modern day Chuck Berry, Moses looped, clapped, and crooned his way deep into every soulful fibre of the portion of the crowd respectful enough to listen. Performing a collection of his youtube favorites "Everlasting Sigh" and "Replaceable," along with an oft-performed "tribal" joint and a cover of Majical Cloudz "Childhood's End" (one that would give its original creator Devon Walsh the chills), Moses established himself as music's equivalent of an olympic athlete. Each song opened with a clap of a hand or strum of a guitar, but soon evolved into a full DIY orchestra. And then with the tap of a foot, the one-man-band would instantly depart and a soul-gutting voice would fill the room with vocal gymnastics. Soon Moses was joined by his longtime friend Kelela on stage. For their first official time performing together in front of an audience, the pair made some good ol' love to the mic with a slowed-down super-sensual rendition of Kelela's Saint Heron contribution "Bank Head" and a cover of Sade's "Love Is Stronger Than Pride." And with that two song collab, Okayplayer's top two artists to watch  hyper-justified their coronation.