Big Daddy Kane Lists His Top 3 MCs Of All-Time

Big Daddy Kane Shamelessly Lists His Top Game-Changing MCs Of All-Time

Big Daddy Kane Shamelessly Lists The Top Game-Changing MCs Of All-Time

Arguably every generation of artists has its pioneers; the men and women of a culture that set the bar so high others can only dream of touching it. As far as hip-hop is concerned, Big Daddy Kane is without question one of those immeasurable talents, whose rapid-fire cadence changed the game and paved the way for so many that followed. And if you ever ask him, that’s precisely what he’ll tell you.

A recent interview with VLAD TV found Kane waxing on his personal top 3 MCs of in the history of the culture, and you guessed it, he made his own list, which declaratively marks KRS-One and Rakim as his peers in that ever-so coveted tier of microphone fiending. Kane shows love to Nas, Hov, Pun and specifically the legend Kool G Rap (who is rather unclear in his ranking amongst the gawds) but curiously leaves out a ton of his other contemporaries. Modesty has never exactly been the man’s strong suit, but one thing’s for sure when it comes to Kane; there certainly ain’t no half-steppin’. Watch as Big Daddy Kane runs down his shortlist of game-changing MCs below and let us know where you stand on the age-old debate in the comment section.

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