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Audio Push Talks Upcoming Debut Album ‘90951’ In New Mini Doc

Audio Push Talks Upcoming Debut Album ‘90951’ In New Mini Doc

Audio Push Talks Upcoming Debut Album '90951' In New Mini Doc

Audio Push has been around for quite some time but we’ve never gotten a proper release from them — until now. The California hip-hop duo will be releasing their debut album 90951 in September, and we’re premiering a mini-documentary and trailer for the forthcoming release today.

Many of us were introduced to Audio Push through their hit single “Teach Me How To Jerk”. After that the duo continued to put out a number of mixtapes, while redefining their sound with producer Hit-Boy (and joining his label HS87). Their latest releases have been this year’s Inside The Vibe and The Stone Junction, a mixtape and EP respectively that showed the Inland Empire duo exploring new sounds perfect for sunny days.

But 90951 will hopefully be their best endeavor yet. “We’ve got to just really tell our story now,” Larry Jacks, commonly known as Price, says in the mini-documentary. He then proceeds to explain the inspiration behind 90951.

“I’ve been making music for years that wasn’t true to me — it’s shit I love and it’s fun but it doesn’t align with me no more… It’s dope though because we just had to get it out of our system — that’s what music is, that’s what life is and you’ve got to get out and learn who you are and what you wanna say. And that’s what 90951 is — it’s taking you on a journey to who Audio Push is, where we’re from, why we’re like this.”

During the trailer Julian Browne (Oktane) also explains how the album’s name came together, which references the area codes of Inland Empire (909 and 951).

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“At one point in time the whole IE was just 909, then they divided it to where one tier of the IE was the 951 and the other side was 909. We combined that to make 90951, which honestly sounds like the flyest zip code since 90210.”

90951 drops on September 23, with pre-release for the album beginning on September 9. Check out the trailer below.


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