Watch Childish Gambino Pay Tribute to His Late Father with a New Song

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Watch Childish Gambino's Touching Mac Miller Tribute
Source: Greg Noire / Live Nation
Watch Childish Gambino's Touching Mac Miller Tribute

Source: Greg Noire / Live Nation

“I’m not saying that to talk about music. I say that to talk about trust. That’s what love is.”

Earlier this week, Childish Gambino performed his final show on the This Is America tour.

At the Los Angeles closer, Gambino revealed that his father, Donald Glover Sr., had passed away “a couple weeks ago.” In a touching mid-show tribute, Gambino dedicated a few words to a somber remembrance of Glover Sr. as the band glided through the chords of “Riot,” a track that channels the Funkadelic fury of old records he heard in the home during his childhood.

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“I wanted to play him some of the new songs, but he didn’t want to hear them, because he was like, ‘I know they’re going to be great,'” Gambino explained before launching into one of the cuts, a propulsive unreleased pop composition with all of the Top 40 trimmings. You can watch that below.

Earlier this year, Glover announced that his upcoming album as Childish Gambino would be his last under the Wu-Tang-name-generated moniker. His This is America tour has offered fans all kinds of easter eggs, including early glimpses at unfinished demos sent to ticket-holders as direct downloads upon purchasing a stub. Outside of music, Glover’s nominated for a Golden Globe for the second season of Atlanta and premiered the trailer for a new movie co-starring Rihanna at the New Zealand installation of his Pharos music festival.







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