Thundercat Releases New Album ‘It Is What It Is’ Feat. Childish Gambino, Zack Fox & More

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Thundercat Releases New Album 'It Is What It Is' Feat. Childish Gambino, Zack Fox & More
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Thundercat Intersect Music Festival 2019

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It Is What It Is serves as the follow-up to Thundercat’s 2017 album, Drunk.

Thundercat has released his new album, It Is What It Is.

The album serves as the follow-up to 2017’s Drunk, and features Childish Gambino, Steve Lacy, Zack Fox, Lil B and others.

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Recently, Okayplayer interviewed Thundercat, where he discussed the role humor plays in his music, his longtime friendship and creative relationship with Flying Lotus, and the impact of “Them Changes.”

“He’s always challenging what you think is supposed to be,” Thundercat said of FlyLo. “He’s always pushing me out of my comfort zone in different ways. I wouldn’t be singing if it wasn’t something that he brought light to. Not in the manner that I would be doing now. But as a person that spends a lot of time behind the instrument like that, he challenges me in different ways. And I appreciate that.”

And as for “Them Changes,” Thundercat said he never thought “Them Changes” would become his most recognizable song.

“I knew how I felt making the record. Sometimes when I hear the lyrics, and when I look back at the moment of creating that, it’s funny,” he said. “I always tend to laugh at stuff but it’s funny because, it’s clear as day what the song is about. But it’s like, I’m thinking of myself in that time and where that was the moment that was terrible to me. It was like…it was going to get so much worse. Things got so much worse after that.”

“I’m happy it translated the way it did. I hope this one — I hope it sticks around forever. I hope that it trolls me in time,” he added.

Stream It Is What It Is below.

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