Here's How Stevie Wonder Ended Up Playing Harmonica On Travis Scott's New Album

Here's How Stevie Wonder Ended Up Playing Harmonica On Travis Scott's New Album Source: YouTube

Stevie plays on Astroworld standout "Stop Trying To Be God."

Several days after Astroworld's release and listeners are still listening to the album to catch the many guest features present throughout. However, one of the first features to be recognized was none other than Stevie Wonder, who plays harmonica on the track "Stop Trying To Be God."

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So, how did Travis Scott get the "Sir Duke" artist on his album?

"Travis did Stevie's kid's 16th birthday party. The conversation just started from there," Sickamore, the rapper's A&R, said to Rolling Stone. "Stevie came to the studio one day and it was magical man. He came at 11 p.m., 12 p.m. with the harmonica and just played on a bunch of records. That was the one that really stuck. That might have been the peak moment of my A&R career watching that."

Sickamore revealed that Earth, Wind & Fire lead singer Philip Bailey is also featured on "Stop Trying to Be God."

Astroworld features 17 tracks and appearances from the likes of Frank Ocean, Migos, DrakeThe Weeknd, 21 Savage, Tame Impala, Pharrell, and more.

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Previously, Wonder called out Scott's musical mentor Kanye West after the rapper said that slavery is a choice.

"Honestly, you know your history, you know that’s not true," Wonder said when asked by TMZ about West’s controversial statement. "If you know the truth, you don’t listen to foolishness."

Source: Rolling Stone