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Watch “One Of The World’s Most Amazing Drummers” & Questlove Practice The Drums On ‘Sesame Street’

Watch “One Of The World’s Most Amazing Drummers” & Questlove Practice The Drums On ‘Sesame Street’

Watch Questlove Get Drum Lessons From Grover, "One Of The World's Most Amazing Drummers," On 'Sesame Street'
Source: YouTube

Questlove and Grover make a great team.

Questlove has appeared on an episode of Sesame Street titled “The Big Pretend Band,” where The Roots drummer proceeds to get drum lessons from “one of the world’s most amazing drummers,” the one and only — Grover.

That’s right, the blue monster also known as Super Grover and Grover Monster, shows Quest a couple of drum patterns in hopes of giving the drummer a challenge. The bit begins with Grover talking about the letter “M” and how the word “Musician” begins with the letter. The puppet then introduces Quest as a musician, only to then have him go through some drum patterns.

“Did you get that? It’s OK if you need me to do it again,” Grover says to Quest at one point, only for the Philly drummer to pull of each pattern with ease.

“You are a very quick learner, Mr. Questlove,” Grover says to him.

At one point, Quest asks Grover if he can show him a drum pattern, to which the puppet agrees. After seeing it, Grover, impressed, goes on to say “I am not only an excellent drummer, but I am also an amazing music teacher!”

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Last last year, Quest revealed that he still owns and drives his first car.

“I still utilize it. Yeah. And I go to my mom’s house and I get it and usually I drive around — when I go to Philly, I’ll drive from like midnight to 3 in the morning, literally just chase ghosts,” he said. “And the thing I always do is when I go past the place where The Roots used to busk on Fifth and South Street, I’m always like, yo, like back in 1992, I thought 1999 was going to be the future, you know. Let alone would I still be a thing in 2018.”


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