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MF DOOM Releases Short Teaser Video, Hints At Something Coming “Soon”

MF DOOM Releases Short Teaser Video, Hints At Something Coming “Soon”

Photo Credit: Mr. Mass for Okayplayer
Photo Credit: Mr. Mass for Okayplayer

Does any of this have to do with Freddie Gibbs saying he can outrap the enigmatic rapper?

Looks like MF DOOM is up to something.

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On Sunday night, the enigmatic rapper took to both Instagram and Twitter to share a teaser video. The video features the link to DOOM’s website and is captioned with an hourglass emoji that’s followed by the word “soon.”


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⏳soon. gasdrawls.com

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Upon visiting the rapper’s website, it says “coming soon” and includes an area where people can put in their e-mail to receive notifications on whatever DOOM plans on releasing.

The announcement has led some to speculate that DOOM is dropping new music.

But Metal Fingers’ announcement has become something of a joke on Twitter, considering the teaser video is his first tweet in almost nine years. Prior to that, it was a tweet that read, “DOOM IS NOT ON TWITTER.” Now, fans are using the teaser announcement to reference the old tweet.

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DOOM was in headlines a few weeks ago after Freddie Gibbs said that he could outrap the enigmatic villain.

“I’m a competitive guy and I know DOOM can’t rap as good as me at all. He can’t rap like this, fam. He made a good project,” Gibbs said while speaking with Peter Rosenberg for an episode of Real Late! 

“That’s MF Doom, bro. He’s an icon,” Rosenberg replied.

“I don’t care…I was like, ‘I can rap better than this dude but can I make a better album than him.’ That was my focus,” Gibbs responded. “I gotta make something as great as he made.”

Some fans also jokingly tweeted at Gibbs following DOOM’s cryptic announcement.


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