Freddie Gibbs On 'Madvillainy' Comparison: "Doom Can't Rap As Good As Me"

Freddie Gibbs On 'Madvillainy' Comparison: "Doom Can't Rap As Good As Me"

Freddie Gibbs On 'Madvillainy' Comparison: "Doom Can't Rap As Good As Me"

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The Bandana rapper makes his case for why he’s a better rapper than Doom.

Bandana rapper Freddie Gibbs recently made an appearance on Hot 97 and chopped it up with Peter Rosenberg for his latest episode of Real Late! 

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The appearance is notable not only for Madlib‘s surprise appearance halfway through (Rosenberg claims that this is Madlib’s first radio interview ever) or how the three speak on J Dilla‘s timeless legacy, or even Gibbs’ displeasure with Kanye West taking Madlib’s “No More Parties in LA” beat, but rather Gibbs declaring that he’s a better than MF Doom.

After talking about Madlib and Dilla’s Champion Sound album as Jaylib, Rosenberg shifts over to Madlib and Doom’s Madvillainy album.

“Have you spent time with that?” Rosenberg asks Gibbs.

“Definitely, I tried to top that,” Gibbs responds. “I used to hate when people would be like, ‘Oh yeah, this Madvillain.'”…I’m a competitive guy and I know Doom can’t rap as good as me at all. He can’t rap like this, fam. He made a good project.”

“That’s MF Doom, bro. He’s an icon,” Rosenberg replies.

“I don’t care…I was like, ‘I can rap better than this dude but can I make a better album than him.’ That was my focus,” Gibbs says, before adding, “I gotta make something as great as he made.”

At the beginning of the interview, Gibbs also discusses his time being jailed overseas back in 2016, when he was charged with sexual assault in Austria.

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