Mixtape Monday: Dunbar, KR, LNDN DRGS, Rim, + More

Mixtape Monday: Dunbar, KR, LNDN DRGS, Rim, + More

New projects, revamped classics, and a few choice DJ sets make the cut this Mixtape Monday.

There’s a little something for everyone, from hip-hop to nu-jazz and electronic music. Dunbar leads the pack with Narcotics. L.A., rapper KR drops In Due Time, LNDN DRGS raise the bar with Aktive (Deluxe), Autumn Keys drops Harvest and Rim represents for Duck Down Music with Ugandan Lunch Meat.

Phat Kat and Mark de Clive-Lowe re-release seminal albums, DJ Ill Digitz is in the mix with Soundwaves Radio, South Africa’s DJ Kaysoul drops a set for Superbalist, and Osunlade takes us back to the dancefloor one mo’ gin with the Black Music mix.

Dunbar – Narcotics

Sure Shot and Bunchy Cartier reprise the magic of their 2016 duo tape No Hook 2 with the new Dunbar project Narcotics. Though shorter than their last offering, Narcotics finds them laser focused and hitting just as hard.

KR – In Due Time

Los Angeles spitter KR follows three projects in three years with his latest, entitled In Due Time. Keeping his foot on the gas after garnering a good deal of attention, he delivers a twelve-track project that marries ice cold slappers with solid bars and a dope nod to the Dungeon Family.

LNDN DRGS – Aktive (Deluxe)

LNDN DRGS put a new set of wheels on a cult classic with the revamp and re-release of Aktive entitled Aktive (Deluxe). Juiced up with the addition of nine tracks, the project includes a remix of “Hop Out” featuring Curren$y as well as appearances from A$AP Yams, Freddie Gibbs, RetcH, G Perico, Krayzie Bone, Larry June, Jay 305 and more.

Rim – Ugandan Lunch Meat

Rim (of Da Villins) follows the official video for “Kings Africans Rifles” with the Ugandan Lunch Meat EP. Nine tracks of head crack, the project produced by Ike “IAMUZIK” Marcano and Manny “T2” Castillo also boasts features from Vic Spencer, Illa Ghee, Skii and Scott G.

Autumn Keys – Harvest

Colorado producer Autumn Keys makes his full-length debut with the release of the twelve-track instrumental project Harvest.

Harvest is an album that will make you vibe along from start to finish a one of its kind type of experience with incredible synth work, out of this world beats and immersive atmosphere. If you want something fresh that takes you on a brand new yet familiar adventure, you’re in the right place.

Type.Raw – Loungin’

Norwegian producer Type.Raw takes listeners on a journey into the world of laidback lofi with the Loungin’ instrumental tape.

Loungin’ is loaded with relaxed happy vibrations. Lofi & boombap mixed, a wide tempo range of 80 – 95+ bpm with an amazing variety of tracks sharing a similar sound. Enjoy!

Phat Kat – Carte Blanche (Deluxe Edition)

Over a decade after the debut of Carte Blanche, Detroit veteran and longtime J Dilla collaborator Phat Kat’s sophomore album gets a deluxe re-release.

Phat Kat’s phenomenal sophomore solo LP, “Carte Blanche”, first released in ’07 via Look Records, is the sound of Detroit. It’s gritty, soulful, and raw, three key ingredients in bringing the blue-collar city’s vibe to life in music form. It’s also a modern classic that is getting the deluxe edition re-release it deserves, Below System Records is adding two rare bonus tracks produced by late Detroit legend, J Dilla

Mark De Clive-Lowe – Six Degrees

Mark De Clive-Lowe’s seminal future jazz and downtempo album Six Degrees gets a digital re-release nearly twenty years after it first landed.

Originally released in 1999 on Kog Transmssions in NZ, and then worldwide via Universal Jazz in 2000, this was MdCL’s first major international release. Presenting a new voice on the global crossover jazz scene, Six Degrees showcased Mark’s first time integrating sample and beat technology with his keyboards and compositions. The singles Brazilian and UK jazz-dance inspired “El Dia Perfecto” and the Cherie Mathieson featuring “Day by Day” introduced Mark to a whole world of DJs and forward thinking music heads and Six Degrees remains a classic to this day.

DJ Ill Digitz – Soundwaves Radio Guest Mix 07.21.18

Taking a break from The Midnight Snack, DJ Ill Digitz steps to the plate with a guest mix for Soundwaves Radio.

Whuddup?! I cooked this guest mix up for the Homies at Soundwaves Radio in Los Angeles, CA. Bigup Val, Sean O & Francesca! It aired 07.21.18 on KPFK 90.7FM. This jawnt got a little bit of everything … enjoy!

DJ Kaysoul – Monday Mixtape #171

South Africa’s own DJ Kaysoul guides the ship on Monday Mixtape #171 for Superbalist with a fire set full of deep house, electronic and more.

Osunlade – Black Music

Given that Osunlade needs absolutely no introduction, I’ll spare you. As with all excursions from the Yoruba Records chief, this one is for deep house aficionados and lovers of the drum. A perfect set for anyone seeking to let off some steam.

Karas Lamb writes and digs for tunes you haven’t heard yet. She actually wants to listen to your mixtape. Follow her on Twitter @karaslamb or Instagram @blamblamkaraslamb.

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