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Kaytranada Gives Props to 6-Year-Old Who Recreated "Girl" Production

Miles Bonham has gotten praise from Kaytranada after sharing a video of him recreating the beat to 2015 The Internet track "Girl."

Kaytranada is for the children. Currently on tour with The Weeknd, the Grammy-winning producer and DJ gave praise to 6-year-old music prodigy Miles Bonham who recreated the beat for "Girl," Kaytra's 2015 collaboration with The Internet.

Originally shared on TikTok, the clip shows Bonham recreating "Girl" using Logic Pro.

“That’s how we get the Kaytranada sound,” said Bonham in the clip, which has since gone viral on Twitter.

The Bubba producer headed to Bonham's Instagram post for words of encouragement.

“Love how you used your voice to make the Kaytranada synth!” he wrote. “You’re so good at what you do Miles, you will go far!!”

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More encouragement poured in from The Internet lead singer Syd, Questlove, TM88 and more.

This week, Kaytra appeared on Rick Rubin's podcast Broken Record to discuss his extensive career, discussing his remix for Janet Jackson's "If," which made him an internet success.

“The Janet remix was one that really got people’s attention,” he said. “I was not trying to blow up, I was really expressing myself at a point where I was doing edits for my DJ sets and stuff like that.”

In 2019, Kaytra released his sophomore album Bubba, which went on to win Best Dance/Electronic Album at the 2021 Grammys. He last released Anderson .Paak-assisted single “Twin Flame” earlier this month.

Highlighted in his Instagram bio, while learning how to produce, Bonham is also skilled in guitar, drums, ukulele, bass, saxophone, piano, and violin.