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Listen To Rick Rubin's 42-Minute Chat With Kaytranada

Grammy-winning producer Kaytranada joined Rick Rubin on podcast Broken Record to discuss his career as a beatmaker.

Kaytranada might be on a stadium tour with The Weeknd, but he recently made time to talk music with Rick Rubin on podcast Broken Record. During the discussion, the DJ and producer, whose real name is Louis Celestin, discussed the timeline of his career, where he released a remix of Janet Jackson's "If" in 2012.

Early in the conversation, Kaytra discussed how "If" made him an internet success.

"The Janet remix was one that really got people's attention," he said. "I was not trying to blow up, I was really expressing myself at a point where I was doing edits for my DJ sets and stuff like that."

Earlier this month, Kaytra spoke with Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1 about being influenced by recent dance-inspired albums and the direction of his next album.

"I started working on this album, and then it’s like, there’s a lot of things that just happened that is not really making me complete the whole album," he said. "And it’s like, I feel like I’m influenced by what’s happening lately with everybody’s doing house music, and it’s like, now I kind of want to remake the album, because that was not the direction I was going for. You know what I’m saying? So now, it’s like, “What? Wait, what am I going to do now?” Because I did Twin Flame, and everything was related to that sound, like disco samples. I might stick to it, but we’re going to see where it takes me. But I’m really inspired by what’s been happening musically."

Kaytra released his sophomore album Bubba in 2019, which went on to win Best Dance/Electronic Album at the 2021 Grammys. He last released Anderson .Paak-assisted single "Twin Flame" earlier this month.

Listen Kaytra's interview with Rick Rubin below.