And Now, Chance The Rapper & Kanye West's Versions Of "Waves" As One
And Now, Chance The Rapper & Kanye West's Versions Of "Waves" As One

Kanye West Announces that the Fabled 'Good Ass Job' Album Will Be a Collaborative Effort w/ Chance the Rapper

Cruel Fall is here

When Kanye West first released College Dropout, the rapper/producer revealed that hisdebut was the first album of a series: College Dropout, Late Registration, Graduation, and then, finally Good Ass Job.

After all of these years it looks like we're finally going to get Good Ass Job.

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Kanye West made a surprise appearance at Chance the Rapper'sOpen Mike event. During the event, Kanye announced two things: that he's moving to Chicago (did he tell Kim yet?) and that he and Chance were working on Good Ass Job:

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This comes days after Chance teased the album on his Instagram:

That's not the only thing Kanye revealed. Later on that evening, West went to Instagram (he's been on there a lot lately.) And it seems like he announceda project calledYandhi. He also put a cover and a release date: 929/2018.

Some have speculated that this is the sequel to Yeezusbecauseit has a cover that is similar.