Kanye West Stole a Bassline
Kanye West Stole a Bassline
Source: Artist

Did Kanye West Steal the Bassline for "I Love It" From House DJ David Morales?

Kanye West Stole a Bassline Source: Artist

Tighten things up, Kanye

Grammy Award-winning House DJ and producer David Morales is claiming that Kanye West took a bassline from him without permission.

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Morales made the claims on his Instagram page. He said that Kanye snatched the bassline from his 1991 remix of Alexander O'Neal's "What Is This Thing Called Love" and used it for his Lil Pump collabo "I Love It."

In the video the veteran DJ said:

That is my bassline that I did over 25 years ago. Nobody asked me any permission, nobody gave me any love, no points, no royalty, not even a coupon to Walmart...I’m going on record — this is my bass line.

He also played a clip of his "What Is This Thing Called Love" song. Watch the clip below:

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This isn't the only thing fishy about "I Love It," which was produced by Kanye West, Ronny J, CBMix, and DJ Clark Kent. Earlier in the week, a Twitter user noticed that T-Pain had been working on a beat that sounded very similar to "I Love It" months ago.

T-Pain said it was a case of "inspiration:"

Back in June, the label Numero Group claimed that Kanye sampled a song from one of its compilation albums for Teyana Taylor's LP and never tried to clear the sample. Also, around that time, producer underground producer The Architect said that Kanye used a sample he did in the same kind of way for Nas' "Adam and Eve."

It's clear that Kanye needs to tighten things up.

Listen to DJ Morales' version of "What is This Thing Called Love" and Kanye West and Lil Pump's collabo "I Love it" below. Do you hear the resemblance?