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Punk Band Yellowcard is Still Suing Juice WRLD Despite the Rapper's Death

Yellowcard is seeking $15 million in damages and co-ownership of “Lucid Dreams.”

Back in October, defunct pop-punk band Yellowcard sued Juice WRLDover similarities between the smash single “Lucid Dreams” and the band's 2006 track “Holly Wood Died.”

Despite the fact that Juice WRLD died on December 8th after suffering a seizure at Chicago’s Midway International Airport, Yellowcard is still planning on suing the rapper over the song. The group is seeking $15 million in damages and co-ownership of “Lucid Dreams.”

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However, Yellowcard — who is represented by Richard Busch — is briefly delaying proceedings. Busch, who represented the Marvin Gaye family in the "Blurred Lines" lawsuit, told Digital Music News about the move, sayiing “We’re still digesting the news.” XXL confirmed the news by obtaining the court documents. In the documents, it shows that the band filed a motion to extend the amount of time for Juice Wrld and his co-defendants — which include Taz Taylor, Nick Mira, Grade A Productions and Interscope Records — to respond to the complaint. The defendants' response is due on February 4, 2020, rather than the original date of December 9th.

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In the lawsuit, Yellow Card claims that Juice WRLD knowingly copied the band's record, despite him only being eight when the song was released. The album the song is on, Lights and Sounds, was produced by Neal Avron, who also produced Fall Out Boy's From Under The Cork Tree. Juice has spoken about Fall Out Boy's influence on his music numerous of times.

The complaint reads:

The Infringing Work and Infringing Sound Recording directly misappropriates quantitatively and qualitatively important portions of Plaintiffs' Original Work in a manner that is easily recognizable to the ordinary observer. The Infringing Work and Infringing Sound Recording are not only substantially similar to the Original Work, but in some places virtually identical.

Since Juice WRLD's death, both of the rapper's albums re-entered the top 10 in the Billboard charts. Goodbye & Good Riddance came in at No. 6, while Death Race for Love came in at No. 10.

Source: XXL,Digital Music News