Did Outkast Or D'Angelo Have The Greatest Concert of 2000? Corbin Reiff's New Book Has The Answer
Did Outkast Or D'Angelo Have The Greatest Concert of 2000? Corbin Reiff's New Book Has The Answer
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Here's Big Boi's Response To Andre 3000 Calling Him The Better Outkast Rapper

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When it comes to the future of OutkastBig Boi is ready for a return whenever Andre 3000 is.

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In an interview with The Atlanta Journal-Constituion, Big Boi was asked about the possibility of another Outkast album, to which he responded:

"I've always said, whenever 'Dre is ready, I'm always ready. Right now he's focusing on different things, and we respect that as a brotherhood. We text each other every other day. That's my brother. We've done everything there is to do in music. We won the highest prize, we sold the most records. We started when we were 17 years old — let the man breathe a little bit."

During the interview the Boomiverse rapper also spoke on 3000's remark in a recent GQ Magazine interview where he said that "Big Boi can rap better than me — I always said that." Although he was appreciative of 3 Stack's comment, he also explained that they are "two sides of the same coin."

"We're equally matched. Nobody can stop us, together or separate, and that's not being cocky, that's being real. I tip my hat to what he said, but we're equal," Big Boi said. "He will kill you and I will destroy you."

Andre 3000, who has been more focused on fashion as of late, spoke about his short-lived fashion brand Benjamin Bixby during a panel appearance at this year's ComplexCon.

"I knew the next time I got into fashion or design [after OutKast's clothing line] it'd be something I really love," 3000 said. "The reason I took that route was because hip-hop had this image of 'we don't wear these types of things' and I knew we wore different clothes. So Benjamin Bixby was my personal way of trying to say, 'This is how we do it.' The clothes I was trying to make were all my sketches and designs. I was like, 'Let me take this. Let me not get an investor.' So all of it was me. My own money. Unfortunately, I lost millions, to be honest. It was an expensive lesson. But I can tell you, it was the best times, the best lessons in my life about my self and creating things."

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