Cover art for "Wish Me Well" and "Glory Glory" by Little Brother, Imagine Nation Music/For Members Only/EMPIRE. ​
Cover art for "Wish Me Well" and "Glory Glory" by Little Brother, Imagine Nation Music/For Members Only/EMPIRE.

Little Brother Returns With New Music After Four Years

Following their 2019 LP 'May the Lord Watch,' Little Brother has dropped two surprise singles, “Wish Me Well” and “Glory Glory.”

North Carolina duo Little Brother has released two new singles to hold fans over since their 2019 album, May the Lord Watch. On Tuesday, Little Brother, composed of Big Pooh and Phonte, dropped the Pumah-produced “Wish Me Well” and “Glory Glory,” produced by Conductor Williams.

“We wanted to bless our fans with new music to show them we’re not leaning on nostalgia. After 20 years in the game, we’re still hungry and actively working to improve our craft,” Phonte said in a statement.

“We hear and see the requests for new music. We felt it was time. Time to show our minds are still sharp and we’re only getting sharper,” added Rapper Big Pooh.

Wish Me Well (Video)

The singles arrive ahead of Little Brother’s block party in Durham, North Carolina on October 7, where the duo will be joined by performers Big K.R.I.T., The Cool Kids, Zo! & Tall Black Guy, and more.

In February, Big Pooh and Phonte went on tour to celebrate 20 years of their debut album, The Listening, which was executive produced by former member 9th Wonder. Little Brother’s forthcoming documentary, May the Lord Watch, releases in the fourth quarter of 2023.

May The Lord Watch: The Little Brother Story (Official Trailer)

“With this documentary, ‘Te and I decided we want to be the ones to tell our own story. No disrespect to the Unsungs and those different things, but we wanted to tell the definitive Little Brother story,” Big Pooh told Rolling Stone. “It’s a process we started [about] five years ago. The pandemic gave us time to hone in on what we wanted it to be. And so we just having fun with it; it’s the biggest project we’ve ever worked on in our lives. I’m excited for it. I’m excited for people to learn. One of the things we want people to walk away from watching this film is to have a better understanding of who we are as people. We let you into our worlds a little bit.”

“Yeah. It requires a lot of vulnerability. And that’s challenging,” Phonte added. “The thing with making a documentary is that you go in [with] an idea of the story you’re telling, and then you’re interviewing somebody, and they drop a bombshell, and it’s like, “Oh shit, that’s what the documentary is about!” That’s was what it was with Pooh and I over lockdown. That really gave us time to do soul-searching and repair our relationship. It gave us time to grow up in a lot of ways.”