Kanye West On Famous Bush Racist Remark: "I Was Caught Up In A Victim Mentality"

Kanye West Reveals He Was Misdiagnosed With Bipolar Disorder During Trump Meeting\u00a0 Source: Twitter

The ye rapper reportedly gave a 10-minute soliloquy where he praised Trump for his efforts with North Korea and referred to the president's MAGA hat as his "Superman cape."

Kanye Westvisited the White House to talk with Donald Trump Thursday afternoon, and according to a report from USA Today, the artist touched on a number of topics.

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After eating a lunch of roasted chicken and fingerling potatoes with Trump, Jared Kushner and Ivanka, fellow musician Kid Rock and Hall of Fame running back Jim Brown, West gave a 10-minute soliloquy that began with him praising Trump's efforts with North Korea.

"On day one you solved one of [Obama's] biggest troubles. We solved one of the biggest problems," West said. From there, the rapper spoke on how he received backlash from his cohorts for voicing his support of Trump and wearing a MAGA hat.

"They tried to scare me to not wear this hat," West said, before referring to it as "a Superman cape."

But the most notable part of West's lengthy statement may very well be that his recent bipolar disorder diagnosis was a misdiagnosis. According to West, he was only sleep-deprived. The artist's bipolar diagnosis was a theme touched on heavily throughout his latest solo album, ye.

Upon hearing what West had to say, Trump said, "I tell you what that was pretty impressive. That was quite something."

"It was from the soul. I just channeled it," West responded.

In a separate report from the Daily Mail, West also spoke with reporters present where he talked about Chicago's murder rate.

"Illegal guns are the problem. Not legal guns. We have the right to bear arms," West said. "We kill each other more than police officers. And that's not saying that the police officers are not an issue."

He also spoke further on his idea of abolishing the 13th Amendment. "We don't have the reparations but we have the 13th Amendment. We gotta open up the whole conversation," he said.

A video of West saying all of this has been released via Vice. In the clip West also accuses Liberals of trying to control black people through "the concept of racism."

West was also reportedly asked about his previous comments on George W. Bush, when he famously said that the then president didn't care about black people.

"I was very emotional and I was programmed to think from a victimized mentality. Of a welfare mentality," West responded in regards to Bush.

Source: USA Today