Kanye West Will Have a Meeting w/ President Donald Trump at The White House

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Kanye West & Donald Trump to have Lunch on Thursday

Source: CBC News

Will he wear the MAGA hat?

Ardent Donald Trump supporter Kanye West will make a visit to The White House on Thursday (October 9th) according to the NYTimes. There, West will have a meeting with Trump and his son-in-law (who also happens to be a senior advisor) Jared Kushner.

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According to the Times, West will first meet with Kushner. Then he will sit down for lunch with President Trump. According to sources the Times spoke to, West wants to discuss ways to build manufacturing jobs in Chicago and employment opportunities for ex-convicts.

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Criminal justice and prison reform is something Kushner has shown interest in during his time in The White House. (This is not too surprising, considering his father Charles Kushner did time in federal prison for tax evasion, illegal campaign contributions, and witness tampering.)

Despite constant criticism, Kanye West has never wavered from his support of Trump. Throughout his current album rollout, West has been seen wearing the infamous Make America Great Again hat.

Trump also seems to appreciate the support.

Source: NYTimes

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