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Wesley Snipes on Potential 'New Jack City' Sequel: "I Don't...Like the Idea of Recreating the Drug Culture"

Cancel that sequel.

Earlier in the month, it was announced that Warner Bros. was rebooting one of the all-time great hood classics: New Jack City. (Malcolm M. Mays, screenwriter on the project, came out and said it was actually a sequel, not a reboot.)

The reaction to the news was mixed.

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One person who isn't all-in on a sequel is Nino Brown himself Wesley Snipes. The actor sat down with Shadow And Act's Brooke Obie while promoting his new movie Dolemite Is My NameDuring the interview he was asked about a new New Jack City movie, Snipes said: "I'm not associated with it. I have nothing to do with it at all."

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He then spoke against the idea of a new New Jack City. His argument: New Jack City explained a certain era:
I think some things should be left alone...if it worked at the time under the circumstances. And the story was built around things that are current. I don't particularly like the idea of recreating the drug culture. For what?

Interestingly enough, Snipes said they approached him about the sequel. His response?

I told them no. If I had a dime for every time I've said no. It's a done deal, it's a wrap.

For the New Jack City sequel, the movie’s original producer Doug McHenry will work with Snowfall actor-filmmaker Malcolm M. Mays and Bill Gerber — known for producing A Star is Born and Gran Torino.

Source: Shadow And Act