Ice-T Shares With Us The Secret History Of ‘New Jack City’

Ice-T Breaks Down The Secret History Of 'New Jack City'he writes, “I started to survey all the people around me, people whose opinions I trusted the most. ‘Yo, I got offered this movie role,’ I said over and over. ‘But here’s the thing: they want me to be The Man.’ I thought my old crime partners might start laughing. Or snap my head off.”

Director Mario Van Peebles wasn’t deterred. He saw something exceptional in the Los Angeles transplant and plucked him out of a nightclub bathroom to star in his directorial debut.

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“I was doing my Ice T thing, talking shit in the bathroom,” Ice explains. “I said something like, ‘If you could take a microscope and find one molecule in my body that gave a fuck, then they’d have a chance.’ Someone said, ‘Whoever said that needs to be in my movie,’ and Mario stepped out of the stall and here’s Ice T talking shit to people.”

Van Peebles approached him in the club later that night and told Ice he wanted him to be in his movie, but Ice was skeptical. He thought the aspiring filmmaker was trying to show off in front of the girls Ice was hanging around.

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