This Toronto Company Will Pay You $50 Per Hour to Smoke Canada's Best Weed

This Toronto Company Will Pay You $50 Per Hour to Smoke Canada's Best Weed

Offering cash and a stash to five lucky god-level smokers

On October 17th, Canada will become the first North American country to fully legalize the sale and recreational use of cannabis.

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In preparation for the imminent legislative shift and economic boom, Toronto-based company, AHLOT (A Higher Level of Thinking,) is promising to breakout out of modular stash-box manufacturing with what appears to be curated mail-in cannabis collections, featuring a gram of five different strains from regional growers.

To test and report on the broad catalog of products they intend to distribute, the company is hiring five proficient and defiantly productive all-star air-blessers to be part of a “curation committee” that will pay $50 per hour (16 hours max) and up to $200 in expenses to “evaluate the best that Canada’s growers have to offer.” You can apply for the position on their site today.

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Obviously, this only extends to current Canadian residents. But if you’re red-eyeing our northern neighbor for temporary (or permanent) refuge in the Trump Era, need to secure a chunk of supplementary income, and an unending supply of top-shelf smoke, it may be time to consider dual citizenship. That’s still legal, right?

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