If Weed Is Legal In California, Why Won’t Coachella Allow It?

If Weed Is Legal In California, Why Won’t Coachella Allow It?

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Coachella has a new update for its concertgoers and it involves not bringing any marijuana or marijuana products inside the festival.

As we’ve reported, weed has been legalized in California, making both recreational and medicinal usage fair under the law. A historic moment in America, yes, that important information has not influenced the ears and minds behind the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. After announcing their lineup last week, the popular festival destination has announced a new rule: “No marijuana or marijuana products allowed inside of Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.”

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In fact, the powers that be don’t want weed in their midst beyond 2018. Despite being legal in the state of California, local officials have the final say on what goes on in their jurisdiction and Indio, home to Coachella, voted against it. Not cool, right? To make matters worse, Coachella’s second weekend of music and art falls on April 20, which is the official day of smoking that good good. With no comment from Coachella, it seems that the dopeness of Coachella is going to be a sobering one.

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