Stan Lee Was Working on a New Superhero Before He Died

Stan Lee Was Working on a New Superhero Before He Died


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The comic book legend had a final character in the works before he died

Stan Lee’s daughter J.C. Lee revealed to TMZ that she and her father were working on a new superhero before he died. The name of the new hero is Dirt Man, and she plans to move forward with the project.

J.C says that she had been trying to create a character with her father her entire life:

I said, ‘Daddy, please – no clatter, no steel, no any of that. Let’s get down and dirty.

When asked about Dirt Man’s powers and origin story, J.C. could only say that it was “very interesting.” There is also a possibility that the character will appear on film.

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J.C also told TMZ about her father’s love for his fans: “He gave it up for everyone. When I was in my early teens I worked at Marvel. I used to open up the fan letters. Where my father could, he opened every fan letter. He loved them and it’s all about the fans. My father loved them so much.”

Stan Lee passed away on Monday, November 12, at the age of 95.

Source: TMZ

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