Photo of Carlee Russell

Photo of Carlee Russell

Carlee Russell/Hoover Police Department

Cops Say Carlee Russell Searched Amber Alerts and ‘Taken’ Movie Before Disappearance

Prior to her disappearance in Alabama, Carlee Russell made multiple questionable searches.

New information has been released regarding Alabama native Carlee Russell, who went missing for 49 hours last week.

On the day Russell was reported missing, she seemingly searched for information regarding amber alerts, one-way bus tickets to Nashville, Tennessee, and the Liam Neeson film Taken. Along with this, Russell’s call with the Hoover police department was also made public, which comes with even further speculation.

Russell went missing on Thursday, July 13 on the Hoover interstate after apparently noticing a toddler who was unsupervised on the side of the highway. Upon this, she called 911, and vanished shortly after the call. At the sight of the incident, all of Russell’s belongings were found, including her car, cell phone, Apple Watch, purse, and wig. However, there was not — and still has not been — any sight of the toddler that Russell reported to the police.

According to Hoover police chief Nick Derzis, Russell searched for Taken, a film starring Neeson as a retired CIA agent that hunts down his daughter’s abductors. She also looked up if she was too old to be a subject of an amber alert. In addition, Russell looked into bus tickets from Birmingham, Alabama to Nashville, Tennessee, and, “How to take money from a register without being caught.”

Since this case has garnered national attention, the pressure is on the Hoover police department to figure out what exactly happened. The absence of a toddler at the scene and Russell’s questionable searches during the day of her kidnapping have caused some speculation regarding whether Russell faked her kidnapping altogether. Her phone call with the police is also the only report of a toddler on the interstate according to police.

The police department is currently awaiting a second interview with Russell, stating that they are holding until she makes a complete recovery. During her first interview with police, she explained that a man who jumped from the bushes on the side of the highway kidnapped her.