Image of Carlee Russell.

Image of Carlee Russell.

Photo credit: Hoover Police Department.

Alabama Woman Carlee Russell Found After Interstate Disappearance

25-year-old Alabama woman Carlee Russell reportedly returned home on foot after disappearing from a state highway on Thursday.

The search for missing Alabama woman Carlethia “Carlee” Russell had led to the 25-year-old’s safe recovery on Sunday (July 16). After a nationwide search for less than a week, at 10:44 p.m. the night prior, police said that they received a call about Russell returning home on foot. Hoover Fire Department gave the woman a wellness check before transporting her to UAB Hospital for an evaluation.

"Detectives responded to the residence and to UAB to take an initial statement from Carlee," Hoover police said in the statement. "The details of that statement are a part of the ongoing investigation which is expected to continue over the next few days."

According to reports, Russell went missing on the Hoover interstate on Thursday night (July 13), where she allegedly spotted an unsupervised toddler, wearing nothing but a diaper, walking nearby. Russell made a 911 call and shortly disappeared thereafter. "Carlee’s 911 call remains the only timely report of a child on the interstate," police officials said.

Russell was on her way home after a day of working at Woodhouse Day Spa in the Summit, where after her shift, she stopped for a meal at The Colonnade, just ten minutes away from her home. At the location of Russell’s disappearance, her car and belongings, including a wig, cell phone, Apple Watch and purse, were found, but there was no sighting of the toddler.

Although many on social media were relieved of Russell’s safe return, others were skeptical, claiming that the disappearance was staged.

"We celebrate with the Russell family on her safe return," Lt. Daniel Lowe of the Hoover Police Department said in a press release.