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J. Cole Links w/ Ty Dolla $ign on New Single “Purple Emoji”

J. Cole Links w/ Ty Dolla $ign on New Single “Purple Emoji”

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*Insert devil face emoji*

Ty Dolla $ign has dropped his latest song. The track is called “Purple Emoji,” and it features a verse from J. Cole. The track is the first single from Ty Dolla $ign’s upcoming album. (He’s been working with Kanye West closely over the last couple of months.)

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Ty spoke about the making of the song with  Zane Lowe’s for his Beats 1 show on Apple Music.

Speaking about how the song was made, Ty said:

I was at this studio called Jungle City in New York working on Yandhi with Kanye. I just took over the top room I had a whole whole separate room he had the bottom floors. And then just turns out Cole was in the room right next to me. When I saw him I was like bro I got something to play you and he’s like I got something to play to you so I went to his studio and heard everything he was working o and then I’m like yo I just did this one I thought would be crazy for both of us, so he came in my room I played it for him immediately and he did his verse in five minutes. Shout out to Cole for just being in the room with me like that. It’s not often you can meet an artist that prolific, that big in the game that will just like ‘alright let’s do it right now what’s up where the mic at?’

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Listen to “Purple Emoji” below.


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